Ventless Fireplaces Are Important – Here’s Why

Constructing a chimney in an existing building can be a discouraging and a very costly project to embark on. That is the reason most people who do not have a fireplace in their homes give up eventually on the idea of enjoying a nice winter evening around a warm fire. But today homeowners have the choice of installing a vent less fireplace anywhere they may desire in their homes.

Technology has once again come with a solution to another age-old problem. This technology of vent less fireplace has developed a highly efficient gas burner that is more effective than has been possible in past applications by producing flames which are much hotter. The hotter flame consumes all but a very small amount of the soot and carbon monoxide normally produced when either natural or propane gas is used, thereby, eliminating the need to vent the unburned gases to the outdoors. Since the venting is not really that necessary, a flue pipe or a chimney also become unnecessary. The absence of a chimney comes the choice of a vent less fireplace where ever there is access to a gas line.

ventless fireplace

Since the need for a chimney has been completely wiped out, these non-vented gas fireplaces have many benefits over the vented fireplace. For example, they are less expensive to install than vented models or the standard wood burning fireplace. The difficulty of building a chimney is no longer a consideration. A vent less fireplace can be installed in almost any room in the house since a gas line can run from one side to the other of an attic and into the room you want it installed.
They are fuel efficient, with more than 92 percent of the heat produced remaining in the room as used heat. Their gases produce are less toxic thus reducing the chances of producing an atmosphere deficient in Oxygen. Plus, they give attraction to any room since they come in a range of different designs to fit any decor. A vent-free fireplace facilitates high temperature and therefore, safety actions are needed while installing a vent less fireplace.

However, vent less fireplace are an excellent choice when you are considering the installation of a secondary home heating system. One can’t over stressed the importance of this type of fireplace due to its benefits you just read above. You can get vent less gas fireplace a nearby retail store or online. Their prices may vary depending on the specifications. Installing a vent less fireplace is one of many home improvement projects that do not only give you a quality life but as provides a good return on your home.